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Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth Hartman Dinosaurs # EH058 Pattern Make a 69" x 85" large quilt with 24 dinos or a 48" x 48" small quilt with 8 PATTERN ONLY

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This is a pattern, not a finished project. This fat-quarter-friendly sampler quilt pattern features some of your favorite dinosaur friends, including Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops. Make a 69” x 85” large sampler quilt with 24 dinosaurs or a 48” x 48” small sampler quilt with 8 dinosaurs. The blocks are made entirely of squares and rectangles and everything is sewn using conventional patchwork techniques. No templates of paper piecing!

The pattern includes a chart that shows the fabrics I used in my own quilt samples. You can use the same fabrics or use my chart as a guide for selecting your own fabrics. Whichever fabrics and colors you use, the guide will help you to distribute them evenly throughout the quilts.