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Jaybird Quilts

Jaybird Quilts Quilts for Baby & Beyond JBQ179 Book Includes patterns for 9 quilts and 3 pillows

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This is a book, not a finished project.

Quilts for Babies & Beyond includes patterns for 9 quilts and 3 pillows. Each was designed to serve a specific purpose for baby or caregivers.
-Watch Me Grow makes a perfect backdrop for monthly or milestone photographs
-Tummy Time All Star is the ideal size and shape for floor playtime.
-Rookie of the Year is round to avoid dragging edges when used in a stroller

All designs are created by rotary cutting fabric strips using the Super Sidekick Ruler and with no Y seams!

Quilts for Babies & Beyond serves as a primer for the quilter who is new to or looking to perfect serving with diamonds and triangles. It's filled with full color photos and diagrams of Julie Herman's tips and tricks for cutting accuracy, matching points, and beautiful binding. This book has the step by step instructions to help make quilts with 60-degree angles come together with ease.